Sunday, 21 February 2016

ENGLISH POEM 3 !!!!!!!


If u tell me, I m beautiful
I ll b happy to hear dat
But if u tell me, I m a gud soul
I ll b most happy to hear dat
Coz beauty may fade in some years
But gud impression ll b last for years
Making beautiful frenzz s nt aim of my lyf
But making gud frenzz s dream of my lyf
Luking beautiful s nt my interest
But being gud at heart s my intension
I don't want u to recall me as gorgeous friend
I want u to remember me as a sweet friend
All want name, fame, money, success in their lyf
But I want love, care, trust, respect in my lyf
I m nt entertaining u coz I want u to think about me all d day
But I m trying to be in ur heart in one or another way

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