Saturday, 15 August 2015

ENGLISH POEMS 1 & 2 !!!!!!!

It was next day of friendship day. Tried writing poems in English & wrote 2 poems. Here it is...

POEM 1:-

So what today is not friendship day?
I can't keep quiet whole day
Want to write some more poems
Want to tell u about my dreams
Want to live a peaceful life
Though I m walking on a sharp knife
Want to try all type of cuisines
Wish I cud hv here my friends n cousins
Want to show here all my madness
Coz I became now very very careless
Want to die a peaceful death
But ll enjoy my lyf till I breath

POEM 2:-

This poem is especially for office going people...

Oh no! Again it is busy Monday🙆
Y it comes after lazy Sunday😜
Don't hv mood to work whole day😒
But I can't postpone it for Tuesday😁
I hope I ll hv a wonderful Wednesday😊
Then again it comes cool cool Thursday 😎
I want to dance on fabulous Friday 💃
Coz it s weekend dat means fun day 😄
Will hv fun on super duper Saturday 👯
Will take rest on lazy Sunday 😴
Oh no ! Den again comes busy Monday 😔


This year friendship day came on Aug 2nd & what a coincident i came closer to all my old buddies this year only though Whats App. So, was in full  mood to write poems& dedicated to them.  Thoght will share those beautiful poems here too. 

POEM 1:-

Rahe aap ke saath jaan ke bhi aap ka charithr
Woh hai aap ka sachcha mithr
Hamesha dekhna chahe aap ko khush thandurusth
Woh hai aap ka sachcha dosth
Kabhi na chodna chahe aap ko akeli
Woh hai aap ki pyari saheli
Kabhi na dekhna chahe aap ko dukhi
Woh hai aap ki pyari sakhi
Kadavahat me bhi bhar de ehsaas meethi meethi
Aisi hothi hai sachchi dosthi
Mushkil safar bhi kat jaayega hasthe hasthe
Jab saath hothe hain dosth jaise farishtey
Tho isi dosthi ke liye bhool ke sara kaam
Karthi hoon aaj ke shaam dosthon ke naam

POEM 2:-

Jab bhi humne dosthon ke baare me socha
Tho mere dil ne mujhse poocha
Kya dosth bhi tumhe yaad karthe hain
Tho humne muskuraakar dil se kaha
Hum unhe humhe bhoolne thodi na denge
Jo woh humhe yaad kar paayenge
Hamesha dilaathe rahenge unhe yaad khatti meethi
Aur zinda rakhenge un ke dil me hamari dosthi 

POEM 3:-

Humne ek din bhagwan se maanga "bhej do tumhare farishtey hamare liye,
Hum udaas ho tho hasaane keliye
Humhe samasya aaye tho suljhane keliye
Hum mushkil me ho tho saath dene keliye
Hamare Mann ko behlane keliye
Hamari khushi dugani karne keliye
Hamara dukh kam karne keliye"
Tho bhagwan ne kaha " beta, jaavo bejha mere farishthon ko tumhare liye"
Humne poocha " hum unhe kaise jaanenge? Kaise pehchaanenge?"
Tho Bhagwan ne kaha " woh tumhe dharthi par dosth ke roop me nazar aayenge"

POEM 3:-

Kuch jagathe hain meethe ehsaas
Kuch ban jaathe hain khaas
Kuch kar dethe hain udaas
Kuch kar dethe hain naraz
Kuch chupa the hain apne raaz
Kuch hothe gain jaanbaaz
Kuch hothe hain dhokebaaz
Kuch hothe hain kaam ki cheez
Lekin sabka hai apna apna andaz

POEM 4:-

Agar bas me chale tho hum kare shaayari sub se shaam tak
Sab ko phir se friendship day Mubarak
Kal subah sabse milne phir se aayenge right
Sab dosthon ko mera sweet dreamswala gud night