Saturday, 15 August 2015

ENGLISH POEMS 1 & 2 !!!!!!!

It was next day of friendship day. Tried writing poems in English & wrote 2 poems. Here it is...

POEM 1:-

So what today is not friendship day?
I can't keep quiet whole day
Want to write some more poems
Want to tell u about my dreams
Want to live a peaceful life
Though I m walking on a sharp knife
Want to try all type of cuisines
Wish I cud hv here my friends n cousins
Want to show here all my madness
Coz I became now very very careless
Want to die a peaceful death
But ll enjoy my lyf till I breath

POEM 2:-

This poem is especially for office going people...

Oh no! Again it is busy Monday🙆
Y it comes after lazy Sunday😜
Don't hv mood to work whole day😒
But I can't postpone it for Tuesday😁
I hope I ll hv a wonderful Wednesday😊
Then again it comes cool cool Thursday 😎
I want to dance on fabulous Friday 💃
Coz it s weekend dat means fun day 😄
Will hv fun on super duper Saturday 👯
Will take rest on lazy Sunday 😴
Oh no ! Den again comes busy Monday 😔

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